Valley Road Steel Bed Heavy-Duty Wagon #400 - $235.99
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This steel flatbed wagon lets you work smarter, not harder

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Just like the old saying! This wagon is intended for heavier loads and rough uneven terrain. Perfect for landscaping, gardening, or even farm work. Don’t spend all day carrying things back and forth when the wagon can do the job for you!

Don't break your back over a job that can be made simple

Speaking of the wagon doing the job for you, don’t forget you can hook this up right to your tractor! Then you can just pull it along right behind the tractor, potentially saving yourself hours of work. If you plan on putting in some serious work outside, this flatbed is bound to help.

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  • Heavy-duty steel mesh flat bed.
  • 24 " x 48 " bed size.
  • 4 (10" diameter) inflatable air tires. 
  • Paint is powder-coated on metal. Powder coating is a technique for applying paint to metal surfaces. The metal is covered with a powder of dry paint particles and is baked in an oven. This causes the powder to melt and harden into a tough, colorful finish that doesn't rust, fade, or chip away.
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