1300 Valley Road Speeder Brake Wagon - $235.99
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Speeder Wagon with precision and control

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While all of our wagons offer no-tilt steering this model is one of our best when it comes to control. With the Speeder body and wheels it is very easily maneuverable even accounting for the fact that it has the largest bed size of any of our wagons! No matter what you’re trying to accomplish, this wagon is up to the task.

Put on the brakes

In addition to its ease of maneuverability this wagon comes with an added bonus! The Speeder #1300 distinguishes itself from our other wagons by including a hand brake. So whether you’re working on a hill, or just don’t want the wagon moving for any other reason, this model offers the stability you need.

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Wood at base price or poly for an upgrade


  • 24 " x 48" bed size
  • 4 (13" diameter, 3 1/2" wide) inflatable air tires
  • Intended for heavier loads and smoother rides
  • Hand-operated brake included, already installed
  • 1,100 pound load capacity
  • Comes equipped with four racks
  • Available Colors:
    • Red with white pinstriped racks and white wheels
    • Green with yellow pinstriped racks and yellow wheels
    • Blue with white pinstriped racks and white wheels
    • Pink with white pinstriped racks and white wheels
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          5 of 5 stars Smart Looking and Practical

I recently started a large landscaping project, and knew I needed some sort cart. I stumbled on this, and immediately saw the advantages to a traditional gardening cart. It's very stable, and the break is nice feature (I have a sloped property). I upgraded to the taller sides, a good idea. The sides easily slide in and out, so loading and unloading the cart is easy. Sally and Ken explained the other models, but for gardening, this one was perfect. I didn't need the wider, beach/sand, wheels.

- Review by Douglas B
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