This is How We Roll Souvenir Magnet - $6.49
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This is How We Roll Souvenir Magnet

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Bicycles are allowed in some more liberal Amish settlements, but not here in Lancaster County.  We can't say that you will never see an Amish person on a bike, but it's much likelier that person is not Old Order Amish, but a person from another plain sect.

Old Order Amish people in Lancaster instead use a mechanical scooter. We were very surprised to learn that the conventional scooter depicted on this magnet only came into use in the last generation or so; they haven't been around as long as we thought. Now, practically every family has at least one scooter, often more than one. So "This is How We Roll" is quite literal!

Dimensions: 1 5/8" x 4 5/8"

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