The Amish: Back Roads to Heaven DVD

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Experience Amish farm life, family life, business enterprises, childhood, school, worship, horse cultures, business practices, barn raising, rumspringa (teen-age running around time), Florida vacations, women's roles and more. Includes Amish response to Nickel Mines tragedy.  Includes rare on-camera Amish interviews.

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The Amish: Back Roads to Heaven DVD

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania hosts the oldest Amish community in North America. When most people think of the Amish, it is the Lancaster County settlement with their grey buggies that comes to mind.

Financial pressures have forced the majority of the Amish to forsake farming for more lucrative business enterprises. Business owners tend to adopt technology more rapidly than farmers, leading to a mini-industrial revolution. With more adults working in industries, family dynamics are beginning to change.

Buller's camera captures the changes sweeping across the Amish landscape. His interviews with authors/professors/researches Donald Kraybill and Steven Nolt (both whose works we carry in our Book section) provide uncommon insight into the Amish mindset.

In addition, we were surprised to see the candid interviews with a number of Amish people, who most often shun the camera. At the end, a local barn raising is featured.

Copyright 2007 Buller Films LLC. 45 minutes.

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