Soy-Palm Primitive Pint Jar Candle - $12.99
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Due to COVID-19, our furniture craftsman has had to shift his delivery timeframe back to 12-16 weeks from order to shipment.  We apologize for this. He is doing everything to ensure quality craftsmanship and catch up in a timely manner. Supplies for furniture, candles, and a few miscellaneous items have been delayed beyond everyone's anticipation. Thank you for your understanding.

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Soy-Palm Primitive Pint Jar Candle

Amish Made
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PRICE $12.99
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The Soy-Palm Primitive Pint Jar candle has a black screw-cap lid and also comes in a wide variety of scents. A perfect accent to any room. And oh, the aroma! 

Soy-Palm wax is natural and burns cleanly. None of these candles have any dyes, so they are all white or a very close variation of white.


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