Mariner's Compass Queen Quilt in Navy, Burgundy, and Beige - $925.00 $1,099.00
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A Beautiful Expertly Amish Made Mariner's Compass Quilt You'll Be Proud to Own!

Amish Made
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PRICE $925.00
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An Almost Amish Quilt Exclusive with 100% labor from Amish artisans. The detail in this Mariner's Compass quilt is extraordinary: The compass center medallion is complete with 32 points and sawtooth edges. There is a diamond border at the top and bottom of the mattress top, and beautiful compass points outlining the overhang on all three edges and the pillowtop. The quilting is not only superior, it is plentiful. More information, including dimensions and descriptions of additional photographs, are available below- just scroll drown.

This quilt is exquisite. We estimate that there are over85,000 individual hand stitches of quilting in this quilt!  A one-of-a-kind piece of art.  

Quilt Specifications

  • Size: Queen
  • Approximate Dimensions: 97" wide by 110" long.
  • Fabric content: All top fabrics and backing are 100% cotton.  Batting inside is 100% polyester fiberfill.
  • Piecing: Superior.
  • Stitching: Superior quality with average of 8 stitches per inch 
  • Back: off-white

description of additional photographs

  1. Close-up of Mariner's Compass design
  2. Close up detail of different fabrics used in compass points
  3. 1st close-up of quilting shows superior average of 8 stitches per inch. Please notice lovely flat ribbon design of quilting on sash.
  4. 2nd close-up of quilting also shows excellent to superior average of 7-8 stitches per inch
  5. 3rd close-up of quilting shows superior average of 8 stitches per inch
  6. Detail of overhang border includes portion of center compass points, diamond border, whiter background, and tan sash "buffer".  This is repeated on the pillow top as well.
  7. Back is solid off-white


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