Chocolate Raspberry Spread Half-Pint Jar - $4.59
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Chocolate Raspberry Spread Half-Pint Jar

Amish Made
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This product is the VERY best of its kind that we've ever had- no kidding. Rich and smooth and buttery, it has a velvety texture that really showcases red raspberries in a backdrop of chocolate. We've featured it here melted on top of French Vanilla ice cream.  Or fold it into your favorite cookie batter.  The possibilities are endless!

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Ingredients: Red Raspberries, Sugar, Fruit Pectin, Unsweetened Chocolate, Butter. Refrigerate after opening.

1 Half-Pint Jar

Attention for those with allergies: The equipment in Mary's kitchen processes and packages products containing peanuts, tree nuts, soybeans, milk, egg, and wheat ingredients.

Registered with the PA Department of Agriculture.

Our canned products are the real thing- handmade by an Amish woman in her kitchen—unlike others you’ll see that have Amish names and which are mass produced in factories. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of Mary's produce is grown right on her own Lancaster County farm. She actually prefers to occasionally wait to re-stock her shelves with her own rather than buy inferior quality produce elsewhere. That impresses the heck out of us, and is evident in the taste of her products. One area where we know you'll be impressed- the taste. We've combed the county to find the best for you. 

 It would be equally good spread cold or room temperature on a slice of French bread- a popular after-school snack in France. Or spread a thick layer on one piece of French Toast, and spread some cream cheese on another. Sandwich them together, and bake or grill in a sautee pan just to heat through. It'll take you over the moon!

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