Bold Christmas Floral & Snowflake Log Cabin Quilted Spice Mat - $15.99
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Due to COVID, our furniture craftsman had to lengthen his deliveries 12-16 weeks from order to shipment.  We apologize for this. Supplies for furniture and a few candles have been delayed beyond everyone's anticipation. Thank you for your understanding.

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Floral Snowflake Amish Spice Mat

Amish Made
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PRICE $15.99
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This is a new item for us: a Spice Mat is a decorative quilted potholder that has a muslin bag inserted into the back. The muslin bag is filled with spices like cloves and allspice. Set a hot pot on it on your kitchen counter and smell the warm aroma of spices waft through the room. This Amish quilted spice mat also features the classic Log Cabin Design with strips of fabric arranged at right angles. Perfect for the Christmas season due to both the amazing smells, as well as the festive Christmas Floral and Snowflake pattern on red. NOTE: We cannot measure its heat-resistant properties and recommend it for decorative purposes only.  Approximate Dimensions and more information below.

Shipping: Free

Approximate Dimensions: 9 ¼" square.

Back is solid burgundy.  Additional photos include back of mat, and muslin spice bag.  Please be advised: each spice mat, while being made from the same fabric, will differ in its design.

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