Apple Leather Fly Swatter - $19.99
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Apple Leather Fly Swatter

Amish Made
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Do you want to rid yourself of those pesky flies without hanging that UG-LY fly paper in your kitchen? Right where you prepare your food? Then we've got a suggestion for you...use our new Leather Apple Fly Swatter! It's decorative yet really functional. More information below.

  • Swatter has two pieces of leather sewn back to back and has a lot of surface area for your "target".
  • Wooden handle is sturdy and has a hole cut into the bottom for hanging.
  • If you have an apple decor in one of your rooms like we do, this is a really nice decorative accent instead of those horribly ugly plastic ones.
  • Approximate Dimensions:
    • Apple is:
      • 5 1/2" wide
      • 5 1/4" from top of apple curve to bottom
      • 6" from top of stem to bottom.
    • Wooden handle is 15 1/4"
    • Total length is 21 3/8"
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