Amish Shadow Queen Quilt in Traditional Amish Colors - $939.00
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Amish Shadow Queen Quilt in Traditional Amish Colors

Amish Made
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PRICE $939.00
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An Almost Amish Quilt Exclusive with 100% labor from Amish artisans. These colors are considered "Amish colors" because the Amish use all of these vibrant colors in their dress, when paired with black. The simplicity of this design and the juxtaposition of black and vivid colors really make an impression when positioned on a bed!  It is a large Queen size; with a bed skirt added, you could even use it as a regular King. This is a one-of-a-kind item with over 78,000 separate individual stitches. More information below photographs.

Quilt Specifications

  • Size: Queen
  • Approximate Dimensions: 101" wide by 110 ½" long.
  • Piecing: Excellent.
  • Stitching: Excellent quality with average of 7 stitches per inch. 
  • Back: solid black

description of additional photographs

  • Close-up of fabrics used and quilting design in each dark half of square
  • First sample of stitching yields an excellent average of 7 stitches per inch 
  • Second sample of stitching also yields excellent average of 7 stitches per inch
  • Border and binding are solid black and are straight vertical lines so as not to compete with the dramatic top; back is solid black
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