Amish Colors Log Cabin Quillow - $68.99
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Amish Colors Log Cabin Quillow

Amish Made
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A "quillow" is a hand-knotted quilt that is stuffed into a quilted panel, thereby making a pillow. The Amish may call themselves the plain people. But these beautiful rich traditionally Amish colors combine to make a quillow that's anything but plain! The quilt inside is hand-knotted. It is not intended to be decorative; rather, it is meant to be pulled out and used as a blanket when you're reading or watching TV.

Additional photos: illustrate a view of the hand-knotted quilt in a midnight navy blue and the hand-knots detail. Approximate Dimensions:

  • pillowtop: 15 1/2 " x 17"
  • unfolded quilt: 66" x 43"
  • To re-fold your quillow back to its original condition:
  1. Fold lengthwise in approximate thirds to meet pillow seams, folding the bottom portion that is at the opposite end of the pillow a little narrower.
  2. Fold the quilt in half lengthwise towards the pillow, approximately 1" from the pillow top.
  3. Fold once again in quarters this time, and quilt will meet the pillow's bottom edge.
  4. Reaching into pillowtop's corners, carefully but firmly invert pillow top back through.
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