Amish Wagons for Sale


Our Heavy Duty Amish wagons and tricycles provide endless entertainment! Perfect for your children to carry around their toys in the backyard, or to pack everything you need for a family day at the beach, or even to give your pets a luxurious ride! The only limit is your imagination!

Beach Wagons

Make any trip to the beach easy, stress free, and most importantly - loads of fun with these Amish made beach wagons. Perfect for carrying all of your necessary beach supplies from the house down to the beachfront!

Speeder Wagons

Speeder wagons make great gifts for your kids! These children's wagons guarantee hours of fun anywhere from the backyard to your next family vacation.

Heavy Duty Wagons

These heavy duty wagons are built tough so you don't have to be. Make any yardwork or project quick and easy with these durable and dependable wagons.

Wagon Hitches & Shafts

Get the most out of any of your Amish made wagons with these great wagon hitches and shafts. Adapt your wagon to your exact needs at any time.

Wagon Attachments

Our Amish made wagons are already amazing, but these attachments can make them even better! Ice chest racks, canopies, extra wagon racks, and more are available to improve your wagon.

Wagon Trailers

Does your wagon need a little bit of extra hauling power? Our Amish wagon trailers are up to the task! These trailers are an easy way to increase the carrying capacity of your wagon.

Amish Tricycles

Quality children’s tricycles, hand made in America! Our welded tubular steel tricycles will be fun for your children for years to come!

Handcrafted Amish Wagons for Old Fashion Fun

Our Amish wagons are the perfect example of good old fashion fun for the whole family, no matter what the activity. If you're heading out for a day at the beach, our beach wagons are perfect for loading up your cooler, blankets, totes, and kiddos for an easy trip down to the sand. When taking a family walk down the street or your nearby park, our Amish wagons give your kids a safe and comfortable place to enjoy the scenery.

Amish Wagons Built to Last

Not only do our Amish wagons for sale provide your family with fun and function, they're also built to last a lifetime. When it’s time to do some yard work and gardening, get the whole family involved and use our heavy duty wagons. The kids will love to help load flowers, pots, or sticks onto our Amish wagons, enjoy a day out in nature, and tap into their creativity and curiosity.

The available options for Amish wagons vary depending upon which wagon you choose (and what you intend to do with it). Overall, there are plenty of options!

Amish Wagon Features And Specifications:

  • Bed sizes that range from 16" x 28" to 30" x 52".
  • Wheel configuration options available for smooth terrain and light loads to uneven, difficult terrain and heavy loads.
  • Load capacities between 350 lbs to 1,100 lbs.
  • Multiple axle configurations available.
  • Options for hard rubber tires or inflatable tires.
  • Constructed from heavy-duty steel or wood.
  • Numerous color options.
  • All hand crafted by expert artisans.