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Amish Quilt Designs

The Quilt Design Royalty? Lone Star, Double Wedding Ring, Log Cabin, Nine Patch, Ocean Wave. Newer entries into the quilt world? Spinning Star, Country Love, Light in the Valley ©. Shop on, to your heart's content!  There's just something about a quilt...

Light in the Valley © Design

We first became aware of Light in the Valley © from an Amish friend. She introduced us to the Old Order Amish woman who sold the quilts and copyrighted them. We eagerly started carrying them on our website. When she retired, she contacted us and asked us if we were interested in the copyright. It took us about one second to say yes! 


Log Cabin Design

The classic Log Cabin design uses rectangular strips at right angles to form a panel. This variation uses color and form to create a diamond design. One of our best sellers!

Log Cabin Star Design

A merging of two classics, the Lone Star and the Log Cabin. One of the many, many variations on the Log Cabin design.  Here a star is pieced into the arranging of the Log Cabin strips. And a star is born!

Lone Star Design

One of the classics! First known in England as the "Mathematical Star," this eight pointed star is known to be in use as early as 1815. Obviously Texas donated its namesake for this iteration.

Mariner's Compass Design

The Mariner's Compass design pretty much describes itself.  The compass portion should feature at least 16 points; ours feature 32.  Perhaps not surprisingly, the Mariner's Compass design is one of the oldest known to quilts: it was known to be in use in England by 1726.

New York Beauty Design

Also known as Rocky Mountain or even by Crown of Thorns, this quilt design is extremely rare in Pennsylvania and is known to have come into existence in the 1850's. 

Ocean Wave Design

The name Ocean Waves first referred to a block design, in use by 1875. We don't know when this undulating, curvy design first came into being, but there's no denying that they are very popular in Lancaster County.  

Postage Stamp Design

The Postage Stamp was probably conceived as a means to use leftover scraps, and we plead guilty!  The savings we realize by not having to buy much fabric are passed onto you in terms of the overall price.  Besides, scrapper's quilts are prized by some collectors.

Rail Fence Quilt Design

The Rail Fence, while not unknown in different parts of the country, is pretty darned rare here in Pennsylvania Amish Country.  We've tried researching its history too, to no avail.  But we're darned happy to offer this variation of the Log Cabin block quilt.

Spinning Star Design

This more contemporary design is an illusion of eight square blocks, creating an eight point star by "spinning"...

Star in Double Irish Chain Design

The Irish Chain quilt design has been in use since 1806, and possibly earlier. It may be the first use of a block design in quilting. It is a favorite in Lancaster County.

Sunshine & Shadows/Trip Around the World Designs

This design is most closely identified with the Old Order Amish settlement in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Some believe that it is an outgrowth of the original Center Diamond, which makes perfect sense. But what patchwork! All those little squares are first sewn together before the batting and back area attached and then the piece is quilted.