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Amish Quilt Designs

The Quilt Design Royalty? Lone Star, Double Wedding Ring, Log Cabin, Nine Patch, Ocean Wave. Newer entries into the quilt world? Spinning Star, Country Love, Light in the Valley ©. Shop on, to your heart's content!  There's just something about a quilt...

Double Wedding Ring Star Design

This treatment is obviously an outgrowth of the classic Double Wedding Ring.  The first we've been able to trace it is very recently, first designed by Judy Niemeyer in 1996.

Dresden Plate Design

While Dresden Plate has its origins in a design dating to 1785, it wasn’t really well known in the US until the 1920’s. The name, adopted at that time, took inspiration from Victorian-era porcelain china for which the German city of Dresden was famous. 

Drunkard's Path Design

First seen in the 1880's, this design was known by many names, but was quickly adopted by The Women's Christian Temperance Union and became the Drunkard's Path. It is also the very first quilt design to be used as a fundraiser!

Evening Star Quilt Design

The Evening Star is one of the quilt designs purported to be created and used on the Underground Railroad during the American Civil War.  Some scholars say that is not documented, but who are we to question? Anyway, there are two related designs called Evening Star, and both came into use sometime between 1840-1870.  

The design is really quite rare around Pennsylvania. We are proud to offer it!

Giant Dahlia Design

This design lies before you like a giant opening bloom. In these parts, we refer to it as "Giant Dahlia"; a regular Dahlia quilt in Lancaster County is typified by pleating fabric to resemble a petal. So in most other areas, people would just refer to it as a Dahlia quilt.

Grandmother's Fan Design

The Grandmother's Fan design uses a number of wedged fabrics, placed together to form an arch, or if you will, a fan.  Beautiful!

Heart and Nine Patch Design

The Nine Patch block design was first introduced right around the year 1800. Somewhere along the line, appliquéd hearts were added, creating a much beloved design.

Hearts All Around Design

Hearts All Around is a variation of Pennsylvanians call the Ocean Wave design.  We've seen completely different designs also called Ocean Wave, but "ours" is so evocative of the sea, we'll keep the name!  We'll also keep the Hearts All Around; putting designs in a diamond design and adding hearts is always a good idea!

Heirloom or Wholecloth Design

Wholecloth quilts, known in Pennsylvania Dutch Country as Heirloom quilts, are bed coverings that are known for their single fabric. The design lies in the quilting, not in the piecing of contrasting fabrics. The qiuilting should be extensive and well done, in even, very fine stitches.

Irish Chain Design

Whether Single, Double or Triple, the Irish Chain is typified by intersecting lines, usually on the bias, usually at 90-degree angles. The design pre-dates its name.  The oldest version we've been able to find dates all the way back to 1786, but the name didn't come into use until the early 1800's.  It may have originated in Ireland; it may have originated here in America.  Either way, we think it's a beautiful legacy!

Jacob's Ladder

This design owes its name to a famous passage in the book Genesis of the Bible.  There's a lot going on with the juxtaposition of upright ninety degree lattice angles and forty-five degree "ladders," but with the right fabrics and artisanship, the result is clearly dynamite!

Kaleidoscope Design

More Mariner's Compass than block- or crazy-style Kaleidoscope in design, we still call this quilt what it is...absolutely beautiful.