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Amish Quilt Designs

The Quilt Design Royalty? Lone Star, Double Wedding Ring, Log Cabin, Nine Patch, Ocean Wave. Newer entries into the quilt world? Spinning Star, Country Love, Light in the Valley ©. Shop on, to your heart's content!  There's just something about a quilt...

Amish Shadow Design

The Amish Shadow  is very rare here in Pennsylvania; it's almost unknown entirely. While we're unsure of its origins, it does appear to be slightly more popular in the Midwest. It is also known as Roman Stripe. It's created by making two halves of a block and placing them on the bias. One half is almost always black, or at least a solid fabric. The other half is typified by bright or vivid ribbons of color. Frequently these strips are also solid color that contrasts nicely with the black. However, sometimes fabric can be used.

Bachelor's Puzzle Design

The Bachelor's Puzzle is very rare; it comes in two styles, and this sinewy one is almost unknown entirely. While we're unsure of its origins, it seems to appear in the Midwest in the 1920's or 30's.

Bargello Design

It is unknown whether the original Bargello needlework that inspired this design originates from Italy or Hungary...but either way, it's way of the 1700's.

Baskets Design

The Basket design first came into use sometime around 1790. Quilters like to use it because they can cut small pieces from their scraps and still have a beautiful piece of work. This is truly one of the most traditional Amish quilt designs.

Bear's Paw Design

The Bear's Paw is another classic design, another of the block style. While no one is certain when it was first created, it has been in use since at least the 1890's.

Boston Commons Design

The Boston Commons quilt design was inspired by the Amish Sunshine & Shadow and English Trip Around the World designs. Instead of taking contrasting bands of color in block form and putting it into a diamond figure, this instead presents it in an elogated rectangular fashion. 

Bow Tie Design

The Bow Tie design is very rare; it is known to be in use by 1898, but perhaps may have been in use as early as 1875. Early examples came from areas as diverse as Nebraska and possibly Connecticut.

Broken Star Design

Like many of its siblings, the Broken Star is a variation of the Lone Star design.  In this case, a lone star is placed inside of a curved set of similar diamond shape blocks that encircle it and form half-stars. This is a very popular quilt design in Pennsylvania.

Center Diamond Design

The Center Diamond is one of the oldest and most beloved of all Amish quilts. It is even the inspiration for the Almost Amish logo!  The piecing is geometric and bold, yet sparse.  Yet this plain framework sets the stage for a riot of very detailed quilting.  A masterpiece.

Crocus Star Design

Crocus Star is an extremely rare design- so rare, in fact, that we've tried to trace its origins without success. One thing we do know- it features a striking geometric design.

Diamond Star Design

We haven't had any success in tracking the history of this quilt.  Use of the star motif to in quilt-making dates back to the mid-seventeenth century, at least.  This particular use of the star takes the Broken Star variation and takes it a step further.  Instead of taking the blank spaces and quilting a design inside of them, more diamonds or half-diamonds are created.  It makes a great play of dark and light colors!

Double Wedding Ring Design

First introduced around the 1890's, the Double Wedding is as popular today! Great as a wedding gift...or for yourself.