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Authentic Amish Quilts for Sale

You’ll find quilting at the very heart of Lancaster County’s Amish community. It’s one of the arts that put this area on the map. Amish women work very painstakingly at finding beautiful fabrics, matching and piecing them together, and hand quilting them extremely carefully with as many stitches per inch as possible.

Our handmade Amish quilts for sale are true works of art. The average Amish quilt has between 400 – 800 hours of work plowed into its creation. All quality Amish quilts also have at least 50,000 separate stitches as well. Add one of these works of art to your home today!

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The number of quilt designs is as limitless as the human imagination!  We are constantly adding different types to the site. Click here to see designs older than the American Colonies and as new as the present...

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Shop from Full or Double, Queen, King, and even California King. Twin-size may be available upon special order. 

Amish Quilt for Sale

With our online selection of Amish handmade quilts, you don’t have to plan a trip to Amish Country to add beautiful handmade Amish quilts to your home. Our online Amish quilt store offers many different Amish quilt designs all hand stitched by our talented Amish artisans.

Find all the Amish Quilt designs you want to add to your home. When you make a trip to Amish Country, you aren't guaranteed to find the Amish quilt design you have been looking for during your trip. Take the guessing game out of shopping for Amish quilts and order online from Amish artisans living in Lancaster County. At Almost Amish, we carry the most popular and lesser-known Amish quilts. Shop our selection of Amish quilts for sale and find the design you've wanted for your new quilt.

Amish Quilts by Size

Our Amish quilts are available in a variety of sizes includes full or double, queen sized Amish quilts and king sized Amish quilts. The Amish quilt designs featured in our online store vary in meaning and style. The centuries-old old Amish quilt designs available in our store includes the Boston Commons Amish Quilt, Broken Star Amish Quilt, Diamond Star Design and more! Pick the design and style of quilt you want for your home, or give as a gift.

Amish Quilt Prices

Our Amish quilts are true works of art with many hours being poured into their creation. All of our Amish quilt prices vary based off of the size of the quilt and the design. Find the Amish quilt to fit your home and your budget and shop by Amish quilt size or Amish quilt design. Have questions about our Amish quilts offered at our online store? Contact us today!

Authentic Amish Quilts Most Important Features:

  • An estimated 50,000 - 100,000+ hand stitches per quilt
  • Hand-crafted: No two are exactly alike
  • Available in King, Queen, and Throw/Wall Hanging Sizes
  • Many quilt designs have been refined over the centuries
  • Rich in Amish heritage
  • Free Shipping: Save the trip to the countryside by having it shipped to your home

Find the Amish quilt you've been looking for today with our Amish handmade quilts for sale!