Due to COVID and supply chain issues, two of our crafters have had issues: 1) furniture (lumber, stain) has had to lengthen his order times considerably.   2) Stock for some our of candles (dye, scent) have been delayed. Please contact us with any questions by phone or contact form.  Thank you for your understanding. 

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Quilted Items

The Art of Quilting doesn't just start and stop at making bed quilts.  Quilting is big business here in Lancaster County, as it is in most Amish settlements. We have Items you can wear, items to hang on walls, items you can use to entertain, to decorate, and much more.


Go retro-- Whether you're a super foodie with your own dinner club or have it all secretly catered, make sure you're wearing one of our aprons. Or use them for the purpose they were intended: actually put it on to save your clothes from getting soiled while cooking. 

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Childrens Aprons

Teach your child one of the most basic life skills: how to feed him or herself. These children's aprons will cut down on the mess your child may create- at least on himself!

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Crib Quilts

Tuck baby in with one of our Crib Quilts. We have designs specifically made for boys and girls, but we also offer gender-neutral color schemes. Not everyone knows baby's gender before The Big Event!  FREE SHIPPING ON ALL CRIB QUILTS!

Key Chains

Carry a little patch of Amish Country in your pocket or your hand bag wherever you go! This is a terrific stocking stuffer or little memento for a friend, just to let them know that you're thinking about her.

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Mini Wall Hangings

This type of wall hanging is a good bit smaller than traditionally sized wall hangings, which can go up to four or five feet square. Hang it in a small spot, throw it on a dresser, coffee table, or bookshelf; really, the possibilities are endless. 



Whether you use these to decorate or to actually prop yourself up, these pillows are the way to do it in style!

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Yes, people can and do use these potholders for the practical purpose.  But we firmly land on the side of using them for decorative purposes.  And decorative they are!

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What the heck is a quillow? It's a blanket-like knotted quilt that is nested into a fabric case, of which one side is quilted. Have company? Make sure your quilt is tucked back into the "pillow" cover.  Watching TV or reading a book? Pull out the knotted quilt and use it as a blanket!

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Quilt Themed Items

Housed here are products for the quilter who just loves quilting!  You'll find notecards, postcards, address and date books, and more.

Table Runners

Use your beautiful new Table Runner on a bare table to lend a little color and cheer to the dining room or kitchen, or place it on top of a tablecloth to give a richer depth to your design scheme!

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Table Toppers

Table toppers: they're not just for the dining room table anymore! Use them on dressers, sideboards, chests, anywhere you need to protect a surface, fill an empty space, or make a statement.

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Wall Hangings & Throws

Wall Hangings are designed to add a dramatic decorative element to your room.  Instead of adding to the décor, they are the décor.  Some have pockets or loops sewn in the back for rods. We will eventually carry Quilt Keepers, which are vice-like decorative holders that have mounting holes. Do consider this as a means of adding warmth and personality to a room!