Amish Leather & Sleigh Bells on Leather Strap

There are all kinds of uses for Sleigh Bells on Leather Straps: decorating doors and walls, alerting you that a door has been opened, or training a pet to ring the bell when he or she needs to be let out. We offer die cut leather shapes and leather strap door chimes that feature brass-plated bells or solid brass ones, as well as leather fly-swatters and leather key chains. We also carry solid brass bells on trigger latches for hunting dogs and on leather lacers for children who have asked for a bell from Santa's sleigh! Shop our full selection of Amish leather items and have quality Amish made leather goods sent directly to your home.

Cut-Out Leather Door Chimes

Add some whimsy to your life. Our cut-out leather shapes are cute and cheery!  Most are patterned after animals, but we also have trains, horse and buggies, tractors, stars, and more.  Terrific as a gift or for yourself.

Fly Swatters in Leather

Rid yourself of those pesky flies without hanging that UG-LY fly paper in your kitchen - right where you prepare your food. Or the bedroom- where you and your children sleep. Our leather is very sturdy and is lethal to many insects. Plus, with our different styles, you can personalized it with what you like-- whether it be teddy bears, apples, or the heart-in-hand.  


Key Chains in Leather

Buy a leather key chain that has sleigh bells or is plain. It's your choice!

Solid Brass Bells

There is nothing quite like the ringing of a solid brass bell.  Remember that Christmas movie where Santa gives the boy a bell off his sleigh?  Every year at Christmastime we get requests from customers wanting a solid brass bell for that very reason. We have a few leather straps that have solid brass bells, and they are included here.  But remember any strap can be ordered with a solid brass bell, even if we don't typically carry it in inventory.

Strap Door Chimes

Do we carry straps? Do we ever! From 9" to 46", using brass plated or solid brass bells, single layer, double layer, hung by leather lacer, punched hole, or brass plated ring. Shop on!  And if you like a particular leather color that we don't always carry in our inventory, we can have one made for you. You just have to ask!

Before the creation of the internet, there was no opportunity to purchase authentic Amish sleigh bells on leather straps, except to take a trip to Amish country yourself. With, you can have these wonderful gifts sent directly to your home! It's the next best thing to visiting in person.



    The Amish have been handcrafting gifts like sleigh bells for years, and sell them to help sustain their way of life. The most direct way to interact with these wonderfully talented people is to take a trip to Amish country. For many across the country, this, unfortunately, is not a viable option.

    Buying things online can be risky. Plenty of stories out there warn of scam artists and questionable quality products. However, with Almost Amish, we have eliminated the need for worry. We work directly with the Amish to help expand their reach so that even if you don't live as neighbors to them, you can still enjoy the unique qualities that Amish sleigh bells offer.