Amish Coat Rack

We might call these coat & hat racks, but they are a shelf-and-hook combination for storage. Amish coat racks can hold a few hats or coats. Place one of these Amish coat racks in your entryway so your family and guests can hang their cold weather gear as soon as they walk in your home. These are great for bathrooms, too! Hang pajamas or towels, and put some potpourri on the shelf. We also have clothes trees for those whose closet space is at a premium.

Amish Coat Racks Made in Amish Country

The proof is in the craftsmanship. All of our coat racks are meticulously made by Amish woodworkers who have been perfecting their craft for years. Each Amish coat rack is a testament to years of perfecting a craft. Order beautifully crafted Amish coat racks without planning a trip to Amish Country. Almost Amish sends beautifully crafted Amish furniture, and other Amish made goods directly to your front door. So you get the beautifully created products of Amish Country, minus the cost of going to Amish Country.

Amish Coat Rack Selection

Find the perfect Amish coat rack to go in your home with our full selection of Amish coat racks shown above. Customize each of the above coat racks with the wood and finish you want for your home. Get a custom piece from Amish Country sent to your home when you order a coat rack from Almost Amish. Order your Amish coat rack today.

Amish Coat Rack Features and Specifications:

  • Available in clothes tree and shelf-and-hook options.
  • Shelf-and-hook arrangements available with and without additional storage space.
  • 2 and 3 hook options
  • 100% Hand-crafted by Amish artisans.
  • Superbly durable construction
  • Fully customizable with wood and finish options