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Amish Canned Goods

Our Amish canned products are the real thing, handmade by an Amish woman in her kitchen, unlike others you'll see with Amish names but that are mass produced in factories. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of Mary's produce is grown right on her own Lancaster County farm. She actually prefers to occasionally wait to re-stock her shelves with her own produce rather than buy inferior quality elsewhere. That impresses the heck out of us. You can tell the difference simply by the taste of her products, which is sure to impress!

Condiments, Relishes & Salads

The Amish delight in many a "salad" or relish- they almost always incorporate the sweet and sour flavors that are so prevalent here in Pennsylvania, and are popular on salad bars in restaurants of the region. Chow-chow is the most popular, but pepper cabbage, sweet pickle relish, and so many others are offered here.  


Bring the sweet, juicy taste of fruit into your pantry anytime it's not in season-- which is most of the year!  The Amish do, and they can fruit dutifully in late summer and early autumn. Let Mary share her bounty with you!

Jams, Jellies, & Spreads

In the Amish culture, jam is served at almost every meal, because bread is served at almost every meal. Try some of the jellies of yesterday-- things you might have heard your grandma mention but never had-- like Strawberry Rhubarb or Elderberry.  Or try something a little wild-sounding: like Zucchini-Pineapple or Beet-Raspberry!

Mix & Match Value Paks

Maximize your purchasing power! These Value Paks enable you to realize savings for multiple purchases, but don't stick you with multiple quantities of the same product.  Live a little, and try new things!  Better yet, save while you do it!

Best of all, the shipping of 5 pint or half-pint jars or 2 quart jars is the same as it is for 1 jar.  Now, that's value!

Pickles & Pickled Items

Pickling fits very well into the Amish pantry- it fits into their sweet and sour palette and is preserved without refrigeration, a definite bonus. Virtually every Amish woman puts up quarts and quarts of pickles to get the family through the rigors of winter, but also of the rest of the year, until...pickling season returns.

Salad Dressings & Soup

Mary's salad dressings are delicious! Try one and you'll see!  Coming soon....Soup!