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Amish Candles

No matter what kind of Amish candle you are looking for, you'll find it here at Almost Amish. We carry a variety of candle types such as crock candles, jar candles, taper candles, pillars, votives, and other novelty candles. Our Amish candles also come in a variety of styles such as regular, lumpy or cake candles,  and barn candles. Take a look at our collection today!

Taper Candles- hand-dipped and more

Our most popular type of candle, the hand-dipped taper comes in a variety of sizes-- from 4 inches to 34 inches...diameters, colors, and styles. We also feature lumpy, barn, and primitive tapers!

Votive & Novelty Candles

This is where candle hobbyists go to have fun!  Shop votive candles galore, or choose floater candles, heart-shaped candles, melter bars to warm up with a heater, or tealights that shed light on so many items!

Jar & Crock Candles

Whether primitive or classic style, half-pint to 26 oz., Palm/Soy mix or regular wax, Apple Crumb to Winter Wishes scent, our Jar Candles are truly top-notch- no grocery store quality here!

Loaf and Pillar Candles

Make a bolder statement with a 10" loaf or groups of pillar candles.  

Barn Candles

This style features a rough, almost pebbly finish with a twine ribbon.  All Barn candles are in Banana Nut scent.

Lumpy or Cake Candles

Dress your candle up with a frosting-like finish!

Primitive Candles- CLEARANCE

Now discontinued, these beauties are all half off!