Amish Candles

No matter what kind of Amish candle you are looking for, you'll find it here at Almost Amish. We carry a variety of candle types such as crock candles, jar candles, taper candles, and other novelty candles. Our Amish candles also come in a variety of styles such as regular, lumpy, cake candles, primitive candles, and barn candles. Take a look at our collection today!

Candle Styles

Want something different than regular wax? Choose from regular with its smooth wax, primitive or barn with speckles or a rough finish, or lumpy or cake with its frosting-looking finish. Or if it's regular wax you're seeking, click on Candle Types instead!

Candle Types

If you like candles, we definitely have something to delight you. Choose from hand-dipped tapers, all manners of jar candles, crock candles, pillars, loaves, and novelty items such as votives, tealights, and more.