Due to COVID and supply chain issues, two of our crafters have had issues: 1) furniture (lumber, stain) has had to lengthen his order times considerably.   2) Stock for some our of candles (dye, scent) have been delayed. Please contact us with any questions by phone or contact form.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Need Help? We are Happy to Help! Please call 1.866.471.4614

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Amish Candle Accessories

Almost Amish carries a varied collection of Amish made candle accessories. From wrought iron candle accessories such as sculptures, hooks, hangs, and stands to jar and wax warmers, votive cups, and more - we have it right here! They're even categorized for you by which type of candles they are designed for. Contact us if you have any questions!

Jar Candle Accessories

Jar hangers, holders, melters, hooks, and sculptures...shop on!

Miscellaneous Candle Accessories

Hooks, counter stands, trays...what can your imagination do?

Pillar & Loaf Candle Accessories

There are so many ways to display candles...and we've got quite a few for pillars, loaves, and more!

Taper Accessories

The beloved Courting Candlestick. A curved taper holder, just like in yesteryear. Candelabras. Find these and more, almost all of them Amish made!

Votive & Novelty Candle Accessories

We may have more accessories for the beloved votive candle and other novelty candles than any other category! Choose from hangers, wax melters, flower pots votive cups, sculptures, punched covers, trays, molds, and more.