Due to COVID, our furniture craftsman had to lengthen his deliveries 12-16 weeks from order to shipment.  We apologize for this. Supplies for furniture and a few other suppliers have been delayed beyond anticipation. Thank you for your understanding.

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2022 Amish Country Wall Calendars are here!

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The Amish belief in the importance of community and the de-emphasizing of the individual often runs contrary to one person taking credit for their creativity. However, the beauty of quilted hangings, be they small and framed or large and unframed, really display these unique works of art to great effect.

We've also fortunately found the local artist Freiman Stoltzfus, who though now is English, was raised Amish-Mennonite, and his artistic talent and sensibilities uniquely qualify him to use the Amish as subjects time and again. We are simply in love with his work- one look and you will be, too.

Prints & Originals

While we have plans to add other Amish artists' works here, we are just stuck on Freiman Stoltzfus, literally and figuratively. His lush use of color, combined with his geometric patterns so evocative of Amish quilt-making and centuries-old repeated traditions, just takes our breath away.

Wall Hangings

Want to add warmth to a room but don't know where to start? Hang a quilt on it. The colorful fabric and construction of design will do wonders for any space. Just tailor your wall hanging to the room-- or maybe vice versa!