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Pieced by Esther; Quilted by Ella

We regret that we don't actually know Esther. Her piecing was sub-contracted. But we know from the sub-contractor that she's plain!

Ella is the daughter of our chief quilt artisan, Rosa. She is a newlywed and as yet, does not have any children. She taught school for a year or two before she married, and her mother was her assistant: it can be rather daunting to teach 8 grades of students all in the same one-room schoolhouse!

Ella is incredibly talented with a needle and her quilting is some of the cleanest and very best that we have to offer. She really enjoys both quilting and sewing. In fact, she doesn't prefer one over the other. She says it's a good pastime.

When we asked her about her "guilty pleasure," she had a hard time coming up with one! She says, "I was only once at a Tupperware meeting and it was exciting and interesting."