Due to COVID and supply chain issues, two of our crafters have had issues: 1) furniture (lumber, stain) has had to lengthen his order times considerably.   2) Stock for some our of candles (dye, scent) have been delayed. Please contact us with any questions by phone or contact form.  Thank you for your understanding. 

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Maddie & Co-workers

Our relationship with Maddie and her co-workers is a little different than with all our other craftspeople.  Maddie works for a company that was started by Amish Mennonites but since has been sold to regular "English" (non-Amish) owners.

As such, we really do not have in-depth interaction with her and her co-workers, apart from exchanging a few pleasantries in Pennsylvania Dutch, the primary language spoken by the Amish, when we go to pull stock.  

Nonetheless, the candles are Amish-made, and they are of absolutely top-notch quality.  And for that, we are definitely grateful!