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By Sally Treadwell, Published 10/07/2015

Vol. I, No. 1

Welcome to the debut of my blog, Traditional Colors: My Adventures in the Amish Culture. My name is Sally Treadwell, and I have lived side-by-side with the Amish people of the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania settlement for 12 years now. I’ve loved a few of them deeply for over 20. And I’ve been fascinated by them for a lot longer than that. When I moved here with my husband 12 years ago, I wondered if living a daily existence would take away the special, almost sacred quality I’ve attributed to the region as first a tourist, and then a frequent visitor. Luckily, it hasn’t! I am still moved by the seasonal rhythms of the harvest, the annual cycle of activities that are necessary for the Amish to do to maintain their way of life, and just being around them. That is definitely not to say that I put them or my adopted home on a pedestal; life and people aren’t perfect here any more than they are anywhere else. It’s just a heck of a lot more enjoyable, at least for me.

Boy and Father bringing in the harvest
I have a story to tell that I will recount in an upcoming entry: how I first became aware of the Amish and plain cultures in general, and how I had my first real encounter with the Amish. In future entries I will continue from there, writing about who I believe they are and why they are important to mainstream culture today. My husband Ken and I are Internet retailers. Our online store, Almost Amish LLC, sells quality, authentic Amish hand-made products including Amish candles, traditional Amish quilts, Lancaster Amish furniture and our popular Hoosier Cabinet. I will occasionally spotlight one of our products that has a unique use and interview a number of our crafters along the way.
No matter where I go and with whom I speak, people from all cultures and walks of life are fascinated by the Amish. There are now over 250,000 Old Order Amish in the United States (this includes a few in Canada) and their beliefs and practices do vary a bit from settlement to settlement. My primary knowledge is about the Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Old Order Amish settlement, so I will write about them most frequently.
I welcome you to join me as I share information about the Amish, some well-known and some less so, and relate my personal joys and yes, a few sorrows, in this fascinating culture.


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By: Hedy Renfro 10/13/2015

I too am fascinated by the Amish and had the opportunity to visit Lancaster county and was able to meet an Amish family in their home. It's so peaceful in your corner of the world. I look forward to coming back. I have purchased some Amish crafted furniture and love the workmanship.