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By Almost Amish, Published 06/14/2017

Of all the rich traditions found in the Amish culture, the art of quilting is one of long and interesting history dating back to the late 1800s. Known for their simplistic, yet beautiful patterns, there is much symbolism and history behind many popular Amish quilt designs. Below we’ll highlight some of the Amish quilt designs featured in our store and their meaning within the Amish community.

Center Diamond Amish Quilts

center diamond Amish quilt

The Center Diamond Amish Quilt is of the most popular Amish quilt designs in existence. It’s so popular that we even included this famous design in our Almost Amish logo. The prominent center diamond in the quilt's design symbolizes balance, harmony, and dignity within the Amish community. The rest of the quilt design features a symmetrical pattern of triangles, rectangles, and squares.

The Center Diamond Amish Quilts offered in our online Amish quilt store feature four different colors in 2 unique color combinations. The first is a traditional Center Diamond Amish quilt with navy, red, purple, and beige. Our second option is a bold black and fuschia Center Diamond Amish quilt.

Amish Shadow

Amish shadow Amish quilt

While the Center Diamond is among the more popular Amish quilt designs available, the Amish Shadow quilt design is one of the rarest and most elusive in Amish Country. Its origin story is mysterious and hard to pin down. What we do know is that this quilt goes by another name: the Roman Stripe quilt.

Whether referred to as the Amish Shadow or Roman Stripe quilt, the design is quite simple, yet stunning. This quilt has a pattern where half of the blocks in the pattern are a dark color, almost always black, while the other half features bright fabric. This placement of colors creates a remarkable side by side contrast that is eye-catching.

Bow Tie Amish Quilts

This Amish quilt design is one of the rarest available in our online Amish quilt store. In spite of it's rarity, this design has been around for over a century. This Amish quilt is estimated to have been in use since 1898 and is traditionally quilted by Amish families spanning from Connecticut to Nebraska.

Our Bow Tie Amish quilts available in our store are a beautiful black and white design which will go well in any room of your home. This Amish quilt is one of the beautiful creations made by our Amish craftsperson Rosa! This quilt is beautifully hand stitched with incredible attention to detail.

Grandmother’s Fan

The Grandmother’s quilt is one of the newest quilt designs to be featured on this list. The origin of this Amish quilt is estimated to be from the end of the Victorian Era. This Amish quilt design features wedged fabrics that together form a fan link pattern. Over the years this design has been made with various fabrics including silks, satins, and lace.

See this beautiful design for yourself in our online Amish quilt store. Our chief quilter Rosa has created yet another beautiful quilt with this beautiful version of a Grandmother’s Fan quilt featuring different shades of neutral colors.

Postage Stamp Amish Quilts

This Amish quilt is also affectionately known as a scrapper’s quilt, with good reason! This mosaic style Amish quilt features fabric scraps made into a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece. The Amish make these quilts out of the leftover fabric scraps that are too small for other quilting or sewing projects. Instead of being thrown out, these fabric scraps are given new life and transformed into a lovely postage stamp Amish quilt.

Take, for example, the postage stamp quilt offered in our online store. This beautiful Postage Stamp Amish quilt, handmade by our Amish quilter Amanda, features blue shades heavily, and pink and cream for accent colors. While this may be known as a scrapper’s quilts, the result is something truly beautiful and treasured for years to come!

There are so many types of Amish quilt designs out there, after all, it is a craft centuries in the making! See our full selection of Amish quilt designs and find the perfect one to add to your home. Have questions about the Amish quilts offered in our online store? Contact our team of experts here at Almost Amish.