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By Sally Treadwell, Published 04/27/2016
Vol. 2, No. 6
Maggie & Harper Glimpsed at Fisherman’s Cove Recreation Area Doggie Beach!

Fans of Doggie Calendars from a few years ago glimpsed a rare view of none other than Maggie, the regal Pembroke Welsh and Cardigan Corgi mix. She was spotted with her gal pal, Harper, a Shih Tzu-Maltese mix. The ladies were elegantly arrayed in Retro-Flower Power bandanas, which are oh-SO the rage!

Maggie & Harper, the

So why aren’t these "IT" Canines running, getting in their daily exercise? Well, word is Maggie was getting on in years, and this Valley Road Model 6000 Beach Wagon was her specific choice of wheels to enable her to enjoy a fresh spring day on the beach:

  • Its 13" oversized tires lend themselves to easier pulling on the beach, yielding a smoother ride for all pups, young and old (oh, and children, too!)
  • Beds are available in solidly constructed 9-ply Russian birch wood, or a polymer resin upgrade.
  • All steel chassis come standard with no-tilt steering, giving Maggie and Harper a more level ride where they don't feel as if they're going to be dumped out at less than a moment's notice!

All-steel chassis with no-tilt steering

  • Beach wagons can easily be fitted with Canopies to keep the doggie's complexions free of sunburn.
  • If Mags and Harper get thirsty, or just need an ice-pack to cool their fur, these wagons also can accommodate an ice chest rack on the back.  

Only the best for Mags! Dog owners, if your puppy needs a rest from exhausting workouts, take a tip from Maggie and Harper… cart your dogs in a Valley Road Beach Wagon from Almost Amish! 


Next time: Part II of Who Are the Amish and Why Should I Care?


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