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The Light in the Valley is our Signature Quilt

It is also a copyrighted design.

Light in the Valley Amish Quilt Pattern

Light in the Valley Copyrighted design, also available in Green & Violet

Our signature quilt...This beautiful three dimensional design was first created in the 1990's by an Amish woman and is copyrighted. Sorry, no pattern sales!

Ensure you're getting the authentic copyrighted quilt that is numbered, signed and dated by Amish artisans! 

We also have these designs currently in the store...

Amish Shadow Quilt in Traditional Colors Autumn Splendor Bargello Quilt Pattern
Amish Shadow is a pretty rare design; it is typified by arranging blocks on the bias, then splitting those blocks into half black, and the other half made up of diagonal strips. Dynamite! Autumn Splendor is another newer design that takes geometric block-type shapes and appliqués them onto a background for a leafy effect. It is unknown whether the original Bargello needlework that inspired this design originates from Italy or Hungary...but either way, it's way of the 1700's  
Baskets Quilt Pattern Boston Commons Quilt Pattern Boston Commons Quilt Pattern
Basket block designs have been with us from the beginning of the 19th century. These block designs can be rotated in an unending variation of designs. The Bear's Paw is another classic design, another of the block style. While no one is certain when it was first created, it has been in use since at least the 1890's. Often compared to Sunshine & Shadow or Trip Around the World, the Boston Commons is a regular block design that features rectangular strips of blocks, echoing the layout of our nation's oldest municipal park.
Broken Star Quilt Pattern Broken Star with Tulips Pattern Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern
A Broken Star is created by taking the classic Lone Star and placing it centrally inside of a angular set of similar diamond shape blocks. There are countless variations of the original Lone Star. This one is of a Broken Star that features appliquéd tulips. First introduced around the 1890's, the Double Wedding is as popular today! Great as a wedding gift...or for yourself.
Drunken Path Quilt Pattern Framed Compass Star Quilt Pattern Giant Dahlia quilt pattern

Drunkard's Path

Framed Compass Star

Giant Dahlia**

First seen in the 1880's, this design was known by many names, but was quickly adopted by The Women's Christian Temperance Union and became the Drunkard's Path. It is also the very first quilt design to be used as a fundraiser!
Another version of the Lone Star, this time in the form of a Broken Star with the frame of the Spinning Star. This design was first seen in the mid-1930's and is reminiscent of a full bloom on a flower. This complicated piecing job is not for a beginner quilter!
Hearts All Around - Ocean Wave Quilt Pattern Heart & Nine Patch in Blue & White Heirloom Quilt Pattern
Hearts All Around is a variation of the Ocean Wave design. First, it takes a basic Ocean Wave and forms it into concentric diamond-shaped waves. Then hearts are appliquéd into one of the waves, with four hearts almost forming a clover-like center medallion. The Nine Patch block design was first introduced right around the year 1800. Somewhere along the line, appliqu├ęd hearts started to be pieced in, creating a much beloved design. Heirloom quilts are typically white or cream, and are valued for their design, quality of quilting, and white-on-white coloring. This one boasts beautiful clusters of grapes.
Kaleidoscope Quilt Pattern Log Cabin Barn Raising Variation Pattern Log Cabin Star Quilt Pattern
More Mariner's Compass than block- or crazy-style Kaleidoscope in design, we still call this quilt what it is...absolutely beautiful.
The classic Log Cabin design uses rectangular strips at right angles to form a panel. This variation uses color and form to create a diamond design. One of our best sellers! Once again, the classic Log Cabin design of using rectangular strips at right angles to form a panel, this variation incorporates a star design. Spectacular!
Lone Star Quilt Pattern New York Beauty Quilt Pattern Ocean Waves Quilt Pattern
One of the classics! First known in England as the "Mathematical Star," this eight pointed star is known to be in use as early as 1815.

Also known as Rocky Mountain or even by Crown of Thorns, this quilt design is extremely rare in Pennsylvania and is known to have come into existence in the 1850's. Strikingly beautiful!

The name "Ocean Waves" first referred to a block design, in use by 1875. We don't know when this undulating, curvy design first came into being, but there's no denying that they are very popular in Lancaster County!
Postage Stamp Quilt Pattern Spinning Star Quilt Pattern Star in Double Irish Chain Quilt Pattern

Postage Stamp

Spinning Star

Star in Double Irish Chain

This name is self-explanatory- normally the pieces put together are not larger than a postage stamp. Often made out of scraps, these quilts first became popular in the late 1800's to early 1900's.

This more contemporary design is an illusion of eight square blocks, creating an eight point star by "spinning"...

Another hybrid design of two classics- the Lone Star (also known as the Star of Bethlehem) and the Irish Chain, one of the oldest block style designs. Whether the Irish Chain is of American or Irish origin is debated.

Trip Around the World or Sunshine & Shadows Quilt Pattern Woven Ribbon

Trip Around the World a/k/a Sunshine & Shadow

Woven Ribbon**

This design of concentric lines of brightly colored squares is most closely identified with the Old Order Amish settlement in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

Another design that was completely unknown to us, we're not certain when the Woven Ribbon came into existence. But it's not hard to imagine: think of a lattice top pie crust!

**Indicates at least one Almost Amish exclusive in category with our involvement along each step of the way and 100% Amish labor; other quilts featured have Amish labor but we were not involved in each step of process 

We are currently out of stock in the designs below, but we can try to locate or have one made for you:

Broken Mariner's Star Quilt Pattern   Cathedral Window Quilt Pattern

Broken Mariner's Star


Cathedral Window

Center Diamond Quilt Pattern Double Irish Chain Quilt Pattern Dresden Plate Quilt Pattern

Center Diamond

Double Irish Chain

Dresden Plate

Feathered Star Quilt Pattern   Grandmother's Fan Quilt Pattern

Feathered Star


Grandmother's Fan

Lone Star-Touching Star Quilt Pattern Morning Glory Quilt Pattern Pansy Basket Quilt Pattern

Lone Star-Touching Star

Morning Glory

Pansy Basket

Rose of Sharon Quilt Pattern    

Rose of Sharon


This by no means represents the full offerings of quilt designs here in Lancaster County or elsewhere. If you would like us to try to find another design for you, please just contact us at 1.866.471.4614!