Valley Road no-tilt steering steel chassis   

Our wagons, just like our other Amish-made merchandise lines, are built right here in the USA.  Our craftsman Jake welds his own steel chassis, complete with no-tilt steering, shown below. 

His wooden wagon beds are made from 9-ply Russian Birch wood and are as sturdy as the day is long.  Read more

Beach, Heavy-Duty, & Speeder Wagons

All wagons. All the time. From the tiniest of play wagons with hard rubber tires to the heavy-duty steel flat beds, and the beach with their oversized tires and the mid-point "everyday" wagon, we've got your covered.

Wagon Accessories

Perhaps accessorizing a wagon is even more fun than the initial purchase!  Want a cushioned pad that folds into a seat? Or a sturdy bench with seat belts for rides?  We've got that. Speaking of rides, how about tractor hitches and pony shafts and dog or goat shafts?  We've got those, too.  How about ice chest racks and canopy covers for a day's outing? Yup! Or extra-tall racks so kiddies or a mountain of items won't topple out?  (You might have already guessed...we've got those, too!)

Tricycles & Wagon Trailers

Our sturdy trycicles are welded tubular steel, designed to grow with your child.  If your little one needs extra hauling power, be it a doll or a puppy, around the yard, we've got a trailer that hitches onto the tricycle.  And we've got trailers beyond-- to give you additional hauling with your regular wagon.