Amish Wagons bring fun for the whole family


Our wagons and tricycles provide endless entertainment! Perfect for your children to carry around their toys in the backyard, or to pack everything you need for a family day at the beach, or even to give your pets a luxurious ride! The only limit is your imagination!

Beach, Heavy-Duty, & Speeder Wagons

All wagons. All the time. From Children’s Wagons to Heavy duty flatbeds, we have you covered! Our quality wagons are hand made in America! With their oversized hard rubber tires, no-tilt steering chassis, and high rack rails, they’re sure to match up to any of your needs.

Wagon Accessories

Everything you need to tune up your wagon experience! From padded cushions and seats for the kids to addons like canopies and hitches, this is the place to accessorize your wagon! Whether you’re looking to buy a new wagon, or just improve your current one, be sure to check out our accessories!

Tricycles & Wagon Trailers

Quality children’s tricycles, hand made in America! Our welded tubular steel tricycles will be fun for your children for years to come! If your children’s wagon, or regular wagon needs some extra hauling power, be sure to check out our wagon trailers as well.