Amish Furniture

Our furniture line is made by a family of Old Order Amish craftsman right here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Orders are currently running between 6-8 weeks for completion.  

All products, despite their photo sample, have an automatic price quote of stained Northern White Pine. You can upgrade to your preference, ordering Oak, Wormy and Clear Maple, and Cherry wood instead of Pine, as well as a wide variety of paints, two-tone painted and stained styles, even add a hand painted design onto most pieces for an additional charge. Dining Room Furniture has an automatic price of stained Wormy Maple hardwood.   Read more



Bedroom Furniture

Choose from our Classic Raised Panel or the upgraded Modern Shaker bedroom furniture. It's sure to house what you need and let you sleep on a well-made bed frame! Browse among Blanket Chests, Dresser and Mirror Combinations, Chests of Drawers, Beds, Nightstands, and more.


Storage benches- large or small, or those with quaint picket-shaped sides.  Compartmentalized benches, meant for display or for shoes; even one that matches a shelf for hats with hooks for coats!  Love seat-sized benches. We've got all of those and more!

Bookcases and Shelves

Variety and functionality are the themes. We've got a beaded-board back set of shelves or bookcase in three, four, five, and six foot sizes; large or children's sized Boat Shelves ; a narrow-depth set with two drawers; another model with glass doors, and one with a sleek profile. 


From the narrow pieces like our Candle Stand, Chimney Cabinet and CD Cabinet to our hulking pieces like the China Cabinet and the Hoosier Cabinet, we've got something designed to fit your storage needs.  

Chests and Chests of Drawers

From small sets of drawers geared for children's and dorm rooms to Hope and Toy Chests to chests of drawers with serious storage, we've got attractive and functional pieces for your home.

Children's Furniture

From a set of shelves fashioned into a "boat" to a large toy chest to small clothes trees and twin beds, we've got your child covered!

Coat & Hat Racks

We might call these Coat & Hat Racks, but they are really a shelf-and-hook combination for storage.  That may well be for a few hats and coats. These are great for bathrooms, too!  Hang pajamas or towels, and put some potpourri on the shelf.  We also have clothes trees for those whose closet space is at a premium.

Coffee & End Tables

Be it a little narrow piece to fit in a foyer or hallway, a low table to put in front of the sofa, or an end table with a cabinet to stash your prized possessions, there are all kinds of solutions for your coffee and end table needs.

Corner Cupboards

Fill your corner and get great storage or display capability from these corner cupboard units. 

Dining Room Furniture

We've got dining room solid top tables, chairs, and hutches...and coming soon we'll have extension tables too!

Entertainment Centers

The Amish may not have televisions, Blu-Ray disc players and telephones, but they do realize the importance of home entertainment systems to us.  We have a wide variety of cabinets and hutches to store and display your appliances and media.


Hutches continue to be our most popular furniture category.  Why?  They're well-made, sturdy, spacious, and offer plenty of workspace with their pull-out shelves. Customers tell us they use them as entertainment centers, linen chests, and more. They're not just for the dining room and kitchen anymore!

Kitchen Furniture

Trash bins, Jelly Cabinets, Pie Safes, Microwave Hutches, Hoosier Cabinets, Pie Safes...and coming soon, kitchen tables and chairs.  We have quite a selection of functional and attractive pieces for you to choose!

Miscellaneous Furniture

Skinny cabinets, fat chests, toilet paper holders, trash bins that open from the top or tilt out from the side.  All of these fit into our Miscellaneous category!

Pie Safes

The Pie Safe may have been originally designed to keep and cool pies, but today's pie safes are all about the storage. And the beauty!