Extra Large Pie Safe Painted in Primitive Black with Homestead Folk Art hand painted design

Shop Authentic Amish Products

We are passionate about authenticity. The first name of the Old Order Amish Craftsperson is at the top of each product page, to the right of the photograph.  Non-Amish products are either souvenirs or books about the Amish, or accessories to use with our Amish-made candles. 

There are a few rare occasions where we have bought a quilt that we know is Amish-made, but we can't ascertain who made it. They are labeled "Unknown." We are heavily increasing our own Amish sourcing for the making of bed and crib quilts.  If you buy an item that is Amish-made and is a durable good exceeding $10.00 in value, we will be happy to provide you with a Certificate of Authenticity. It's yours for the asking!


The beauty of quilted wall hangings, be they small and framed or large and unframed, really display these unique works of art to great effect.

We've also fortunately found the local artist Freiman Stoltzfus, who though now is English, was raised Amish-Mennonite, and his artistic talent and sensibilities uniquely qualify him to use the Amish as subjects time and again. 


Cloth books, coloring books, story books, ABC books, cookbooks, picture books, history books, Amish lifestyle books, calendars, notecards, DVD's, and more!

Candles & Potpourri

Scads of candles in different shapes, sizes, and scents, plus a large number of wrought-iron products that help display them!

Canned Goods

Fresh canned fruits. Jams and Jellies made from produce right off the farm.  Pickled vegetables and a gazillion different kinds of regular pickle to choose from! Not to mention all kinds of condiments, salads, salad dressings, and more.  Hungry?  Read on...


Get loose stock on special diameter tapers, all pillars, jars, votives, tealights, potpourri, loaves, primitives, lumpy or cake, hearts, melter bars, floaters, and more-- all HALF-OFF!

All in-stock candle, potpourri, and room spray inventory besides regular tapers are 50% OFF! We've even thrown in a few Christmas table runners at 25% off.  

Fall Seasonal Amish Merchandise

Shortly after Labor Day in Lancaster County, afternoon shadows seem to fall earlier. Usually about a month later, one can sense a cooler crispness in the air more often than not. Leaves turn fiery orange, red, and cooler yellow and brown. Most of the harvest is over by late September. Pumpkin stands dot the roads. Buggy drivers close up the windows in their carriages.  Fall has come to Amish Country.


Any self-respecting store that deals with Amish goods should also stock a few souvenirs. Maybe it's something you forgot to buy on your last trip to Lancaster County. Or maybe you've never been, and you're just curious. Either way, enjoy!