Why we are almost amish

Our Amish friends would laugh and say we aren’t Amish at all. And they’d be right. We’re just as modern, or “English” ( the Amish term for non-Amish), as you are. But our merchandise is authentically Amish-made.
We live and work right beside the Amish. They are our neighbors, employees, dear friends, and even “adopted” family- some for over twenty years. To read how I first met the Amish, please view my blog post Where the Wind Takes You.
It is with these relationships that we have brought their Amish products to a global market. Amish handcrafted furniture, traditional Amish quilts, Amish wagons, and Amish candles are just some of our offerings, and we are always expanding.
This is the launch of our brand new website- the first new technology we’ve had in our nine years in business. It will now allow you to post reviews, read our brand new blog, Traditional Colors: My Adventures in Amish Culture, to contact us and to make your experience more interactive and easier. So thank you for stopping by, read on and enjoy your virtual trip to Amish Country!